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The Farm "I Negri"

Via Ettore Vernazza, 26 - 19018 Vernazza - La Spezia - Italy

The farm "I Negri" was born in 2014 thanks to the passion, handed down in our family from generation to generation, to cultivate the terraces.

Our lands are located in three different areas of Vernazza: the "Fontanavecchia", where we have two small plains used for the cultivation of vegetables, "Fonti" where there are our olive trees and "La Lama", in front of the marina, where find the vine plants and two vegetable gardens for the first fruits.

Strengthened by the love for this area, we continue to work on it, to keep this tradition alive, thus preserving this precious and at the same time fragile landscape.
Thanks to this work we can bring the fruits of our land directly to the dishes of the Vulnetia restaurant.
The company, to date, still does not manage to satisfy the entire needs of the restaurant but we also rely on other local realities, which offer the same authenticity.

Info and reservations:
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